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Hi, Thanks for dropping in...If you are having an affair  with Cigar Box Guitar your in the right place. CGB lovers so welcome. This page is under development  but  i'm rushing some valuable resources up and will tidy it later....
So if you want to build one of these fact for almost anything CGB related...the premium spot to go to in my known universe is...CIGARBOXGUITAR.COM

Here are some tracks i found  courtesy of youtube that you can Jam along to. Thanks to all the anonymous and various authors. Please note music lovers you can download these tracks from here to your own device for free. More tracks coming soon.
Cigarbox Blues DVD
  • Cigarbox Blues DVD
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The ultimate Cigarbox Guitar How-to DVD featuring high definition Live concert footage, documentary material, new and original songs, lessons on how to play lap slide style and resources links to every other facet of CGB in the known universe including how to build your very own heritage Cigar Box Guitar.

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