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We Are The Song
  • We Are The Song
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We are the Song was recorded as a kind of "introducing Soulman O'Gaia" CD release in 2007, just prior to an unforgettable performance at Australia's iconic East Coast Blues and Roots festival. These 4 uniquely personal and heartfelt songs continue to move and inspire people. A beautiful and original statement of intent for your listening pleasure.

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Freedom Songs
  • Freedom Songs
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Freedom Songs is a beautiful and inspiring album, chock-a-bloc full of inspirational and uplifting themes. It's consistent upbeat and spirited nature make it one of a kind in popular music. Grab it now for meaningful lyrics, soulful vocals, sophisticated harmonies and subtle, rhythmically captivating instrumentation. Gorgeous.

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Cigarbox Blues DVD (...On Special!)
  • Cigarbox Blues DVD (...On Special!)
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The ultimate Cigarbox Guitar How-to DVD featuring high definition Live concert footage, documentary material, new and original songs, lessons on how to play lap slide style and resources links to every other facet of CGB in the known universe including how to build your very own heritage Cigar Box Guitar.

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