This Page is intended as a resource and an encouragement . It is a reminder that small numbers of people acting together in principled ways have been responsible for massive change in the world. There is much inspiration to be drawn from a quote often attributed to American Anthropologist Margaret Mead which asserts: 

"Never Doubt That a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change the World; Indeed, It’s the Only Thing That Ever has..." 


After co-writing and beginning to perform  the song "The power of the People" I  would repeatedly feel as  though  a question hung in the air  "O.K. great song but What next? " How do we even begin to create change that champions our humanitarian and enviromental concerns in the face of seemingly indifferent  corporations and governments? 

Community is the Key. 

 Renowned Philosopher and political activist Noam Chomsky echoes philosophers down through the ages when he says 

“power is always in the hands of the governed, those who are being ruled, power is always in their hands..." 

If the powerful can convince people “You have to stay in your slot, that’s where you belong, that’s your role in life, nothing can be changed,” then the rulers can control them. . . 

Decide to participate in change for the better today. Be that through a gift for business, dance , music, cookery, film making, farming, meditation, puppet making, public speaking or embroidery...the list is of course endless. Advocating for positive social change is not just about chaining yourself to bulldozers.

Below are some links found online. May they nurture seeds of hope and self belief. I would like to expand on the list please share positive and helpful content that you discover with me. My invovement with the speakers or clips i present is limited to the content here. I haven't reviewed everthing by the various speakers or content providers so please ascess there other work based on you own insights

Much love, Raku 



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